Carbon steel fully welded ball valve, butt welding, underground mounted, manually actuated by gearbox and handwheel
Clasa300 DN500, full bore, TRUNNION, montaj subteran, et. metal/metal A350LF2+TCC, TIP DIB-1 conform API 6D(SR ISO 14313), Tip scaun et.: DPE, corp otel A350LF, bila din otel A350LF2+TCC.
Carbon steel ball valve, female-female threaded
Corp otel, cu capete mufa filetata, bila: inox
Carbon steel check valve
Corp cu flanse, material corp/capac: otel carbon A216WCB, etansare 13Cr, clapa libera pe ax
Carbon steel globe check valve
Corp cu flanse, material corp/capac : otel carbon A216WCB, etansare: 13Cr
Carbon steel strainer
Material corp/capac; otel carbon A216WCB, cu flanse, filtru: inox
Carbon steel check valve, WAFER type
Corp: otel, prindere intre flanse (WAFER), etansare: EPDM
Expansion joint with stainless steel bellow
Compensator metalic axial cu burduf din inox 316, Corp cu flanse din otel
Expansion joint with EPDM bellow
Compensator cu burduf de cauciuc EPDM
Resilient seated gate valve – plate body (F4)
Corp cu flanșe P.U., material/capac: fonta ductila, sertar: EPDM , acționare manuală
Metal seated gate valve, non-rising stem – plate body (F4)
Material corp/capac: fonta cenusie; Etansare: BZ/BZ, corp cu flanse P.U. ; Actionare cu roată de manevră.
Globe valve
Corp cu flanse P.U., material corp/capac: fonta cenusie, etansare: inox/inox, manual
Knife gate valve rising stem
Material corp: fonta cenusie, sertar(lama): din inox, manual

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