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SR EN ISO 9001
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SR EN ISO 9001

Întrebări şi răspunsuri

General instructions

The general working instructions for storage, installation, operation and maintenance of valves by the customer.

The present instructions are useful for storage, installation, operation and proper maintenance of the fittings we deliver, except the ones which hold other specific instructions. The correct following of the present instructions guarantees you a long-term use, specific to the warranties that we offer.

The present instructions apply generally to all products delivered by SC PETROUZINEX SRL.

You can download THE GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS here

Delivery terms and conditions

We offer our customers free shipping.
The offer is available for orders over 500 lei.

PETROUZINEX owns a private vehicle fleet and collaborates with the best courier companies in the country. Therefore, your will receive your national orders within intervals between 24 and 48 hours.

Delivery documents

You will receive our products together with the following documents:

  • Fiscal bill;
  • Documents accompanying the wares (if applicable);
  • Certificate of test inspection issued by the manufacturer;
  • Declaration of Conformity “CE” issued by the manufacturer.


Subject to the instructions recommended, SC PETROUZINEX SRL Piatra Neamț ensures about  the proper functioning of valves for a period of 12 months from putting into operation, but no more than 18 months after delivery.

The warranty will be canceled if there are found: improper or inadequate installation and / or improper maintenance, modifications or repairs.

We guarantee that the products we provide are new and unused.

Defects and malfunctions occurring during the warranty period will be made known to the supplier that will support the expenses. If the customer intervenes upon fittings during the warranty period (removal, modification or replacement parts components) and do not comply with this list of instructions, product warranty will be lost.
Defects and malfunctions occurring after the warranty period will be disclosed to the supplier, and it will be settled surcharge.

We do not assume responsibility for defects and faults arising at the customer from storage, installation, operation or inadequate maintenance. The product disused are treated according to the requirements of GD. no. 349/2005 on waste and E.O no. 16/2001 on the management of recyclable industrial waste.

The warranty may be lost in the following situations:
• When the customer does not comply with the conditions of handling, transport, installation and operation;
• When identification data is not kept;
• When it the armature is modified by the customer;
• When the declaration of conformity and the warranty are not available.